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Vini Vink

Electro Pop Music

Music by Vini Vink created to inspire and fill people with internal energy. We sincerely believe that our music will supply you with a sense of love, happiness, joy, and harmony. And will inspire you to do something good, to act, and to fulfill your dreams. Together we will make our world a kinder place.


Vini Vink


Vini Vink music is similar to styles such as Electro, Dance, Pop.
It is light, positive music, filled with the energy of carefree sunny days. Well suited for both travel and sports, seeking inspiration. If you like dance music, EDM, progressive house, you love music by Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Deadmau5, club-style. And you are a cheerful, active person, love sports, travel, have a good time. Pay attention to the new name in dance music - Vini Vink.

As of October 2019, Vini Vink has released six singles. The single "RELAX" managed to get 100k plays on Spotify in the first month of release, which is a good indicator for a beginner. In the summer of 2019, Vini Vink released three singles.
It all started with the track “Era,” his style is like a trance, progressive house. He also found his listener and was spotted by the curators of the playlist “Before they were famous” on Tidal. What inspires the further development of this direction.
Vini Vink celebrated his first birthday with the release of the single "Let's Go." This dance track fits well into sports fields and marathons. Inspiring and energizing people achieve their goals. At the end of the mega-hot summer of 2019, the next release of “My Best Day” took place. A sea of ​​positive, a sea of ​​energy awaits a person who decides to listen to this track.

Now we are working on new tracks. They will appear on this site and in streaming services.
Let's be friends and support each other. Add us on Instagram and streaming services, so you will be the first to listen to new tracks.


The Vini Vink team wishes you all the best in life: joy, love, happiness, success. Thank you for coming to us. See you!!

to be continued...



Please, if you are interested to collaborate with Vini Vink, write a message. We are happy to answer you.

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